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biofeedback weekly maintenance special!!!

4 'subspace' sessions (1 per week - 2 - 3 1/2 hours each) for $300.





We all have daily stressors and traumas going on in our lives... crying babies, running behind, working full time, screaming and yelling, working to make others happy, misstepping and getting hurt, getting in a car accident, financial setbacks, etc. Harmful toxins also assault us every day. These stressors and traumas get lodged in our bodies (physical, muscles, organs, brain, emotional, spiritual, mental, etc.).

Reduce the stress with Advanced Quantum Biofeedback and allow your body to retrain and rebalance. Your body is designed to heal itself. Regain your optimal state of being!
— Carmen says
What do I do in easy terms?
I work with a technology that energetically scans and harmonizes your body’s stress and imbalances and returns your body back to a state of health by reducing that stress that is causing ‘dis’ease.
The SCIO device sends questions to your body and measures your body’s responses. Then I can use the device to send your body frequencies to balance the stressors that it found. It works on the subconscious level, and people feel better emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.
— Keep reading to find out more - Carmen says


What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is the process of gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions primarily using instruments that provide information on the activity of those same systems, with a goal of being able to manipulate them at will. Some of the processes that can be controlled include brainwaves, muscle tone, skin conductance, heart rate and pain perception.

Unlike traditional biofeedback, in evoked biofeedback, energetic stimuli are sent to the client’s body. The body’s biofeedback response to each stimulus is an indication of how stressful the individual finds that stimulus at that moment in time. This approach can help to determine the relative significance of a large number of stressors. With evoked biofeedback, communication is two-way. A stressor is presented to the body and it responds to that particular source of stress. This is Quantum Biofeedback.

What is a SCIO device?

The SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System) is a kind of interpreter that makes it possible for a client’s subconscious to exchange information with a software program. Through the SCIO the program is able to send over 11,000 energy patterns to the client’s subconscious in a matter of minutes at biological speeds (1/100th of a second). The client’s subconscious reacts to each of these signals according to its significance at that moment in time. By measuring a number of biologically generated electrical values such as volts, amps, and resistance, the SCIO is able to rank the relative significance of each of the 11,000-plus signals. The practitioner is then able to study the ordered list and deduce probable causes of stress patterns that may ultimately manifest as disease. Because of the fact that the SCIO works at an energetic level these patterns are often revealed before the client has any symptoms. 

The SCIO also has a therapeutic capability. When it recognizes an energetic imbalance in the client’s body the practitioner is able to send a signal to the client’s subconscious that reminds it of its natural balanced state. This is like tuning a piano with a tuning fork. The SCIO sends the ideal vibration to the client’s subconscious and the subconscious decides whether or not it wishes to attune itself to the suggested pattern. The client’s subconscious is the ultimate authority and may decide to reject the information for reasons that the client’s conscious mind will never understand. The subconscious even has the power to end the session if it is not prepared to accept the suggested energy patterns. 


What happens during a biofeedback session?


During a SCIO Biofeedback session, the client wears wrist and ankle (limb) bracelets as well as a head harness.

The sensors / electrodes comfortably read electrical impulses from the body and send the information to the computer which acts as a monitoring device. The biofeedback practitioner is able to educate the client as to what specific areas of the body / mind are most in need of stress reduction and re-education based on the information translated from the biofeedback device to the computer screen. These data findings allow the client to better understand their reactions to stress and learn how to better control their physiological responses.

During a SCIO Biofeedback session, the biofeedback practitioner is also able to educate the client as to what specific areas of the body/mind are most in need of stress reduction and re-education based on the information translated from the biofeedback device to the computer screen. While the biofeedback process is completely non-invasive and gentle, this powerful stress management support system allows relaxation and increased ability for the body to heal. 

An average in-person biofeedback session lasts 1-2 hours.

The body is designed to heal itself!!!  The process of biofeedback is not to heal – but to help the body remember the balanced and stress free state. When it is entrained to the healthier patterns of a relaxed state, this process of self-regeneration often happens naturally.

The client receives a session summary report.

distance/"subspace" sessions

Although the SCIO was designed to be used with a biofeedback harness it has proven to be very effective when used remotely over great distances. This type of work is commonly referred to as “subspace” and is possible because of the principle of quantum physics which states that time and space are irrelevant to the energetic transfer of information. 

  • With subspace sessions, the practitioner is better able to focus in on the information being presented by the SCIO and is able to use his/her intuition to improve results.

  • There are a number of valuable trainings that can take from a few minutes to several hours to run depending on the client’s current condition. An average in-person session lasts between 1 - 2 hours, though some sessions might last longer. The client’s subconscious makes the decision when to end the training. For this reason, it is impractical to run longer therapies when the client is scheduled for a limited amount of time.

  • In a remote session the training can be run without the practitioner’s and client's constant attention. The client can be resting at home, or even going about their day but being aware that they are being sent frequencies. The practitioner can set up the longer lasting training sessions and put themselves on a timer. The practitioner will check back from time to time during the longer training session, then can run another longer training once the first one has ended. In this fashion a client can have a "subspace" session that is between 1 1/2 - 4 hours (depending on how long the client's body wants to continue receiving the healing frequencies).

  • Once all the trainings have been run for a particular client, the practitioner contacts them to see what the client noticed and to find out how they are feeling.

  • After a session it is suggested that a client drink lots of water.

  • The client benefits in two ways – 1. The practitioner has a broader range of trainings at his/her disposal. 2. The client is not spending money on a longer in-person office visit. The client get more help for the same money!

  • The client is emailed a session summary report.

How many sessions are needed?

Biofeedback is an entrainment process. Entrainment is a well studied phenomenon within physics, by which two separate systems, operating at varying frequencies, will settle into a common frequency when situated within one’s field of influence. It may take the body multiple sessions to entrain or “relearn” healthier patterns.

Some people respond very quickly, especially those whose lifestyle choices are already aligned with good health.

Others may need more education; training and support around improving nutrition, exercise and / or sleep patterns, or avoiding addictive substances etc. Generally speaking, the longer a client has held certain stress patterns which are causing them pain or illness, the more sessions they may need to begin re-balancing or re-training those patterns and reactions.

Generally, we recommend clients make a commitment to their health by investing in multiple sessions in order to truly see and feel the results.

FDA registered

 The biofeedback procedures utilized include stress reduction protocols, relaxation techniques, and pain management. Biofeedback devices are lawfully registered with the appropriate government agencies as required by law, and are intended for the purposes of relaxation and muscle re-education and are legal to be used for these purposes.







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As a Certified Biofeedback Specialist Carmen can make the same guarantees that your doctor can make – that there are No Guarantees.



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