Live a balanced life...  Be your optimum self...

With energy healing, all natural balms, blends, powders, sprays, orgonite, and other resources for a healthy you!


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reconnective healing

Restores you to a natural/optimal, integrated state of balance, wholeness, and vitality fairly quickly with no adverse side effects.

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intuitive creations

orgonite pendants are here!

Have a unique, one of a kind, Orgonite Pendant created ‘Just for You’ with gemstones, crystals, and even essential oils. Get a look at her newest pendant creations here!

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108’s and orgonite

Page in Progress - check back soon for more information!

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'Bugs no More' Spray is here!

body powder is here!

Made to order! - Let me know what your 'issue' is and I can make an essential oil blend, spray, or powder "Just for You".

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healing with essential oils, etc.

Essential oils help your physical and emotional healing. Featuring lots of vitamins and herbal products I personally use to stay healthy (CalMag, calcium bentonite clay, superfood, etc.)

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advanced Quantum biofeedback

Train your body to be more relaxed and receive more joy, health, and happiness while receiving pain management and stress reduction protocols.

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healing balms

tooth powder is here!

Balms made with the best essential oils and other organic products.  

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zappers and resources

red lasers are here!

Many products (zappers, orgonite, crystals, rocks, copper rings, etc.) have helped me stay balanced, healthy, and happy.

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about the healer

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contact the healer

I am honored to be the healer that brings you to an optimal state of balance, wholeness, and vitality.

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