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When I was a little girl I could make someone feel better just by touching them.  I could talk with animals, plants, rocks, etc... It was a magical time... 


Making people better wasn't scary.  Getting sick from making people better was.  So, I told myself to stop, and I did, somehow by making myself forget who I was. While growing up after that, I knew something was missing from my life, but wasn't quite sure what it was.  I decided to become a doctor and even went to a Medical Magnet High School.  While volunteering at a hospital, I found out I fainted every time a needle went into someone.  I tried putting myself into situations to get over it, but finally the nurses said they didn't want more patients.  All of a sudden I needed a new career goal.

Fast forward 20 years and that healing desire was so strong, yet I didn't want to 'have to touch' to heal.  But I loved helping people heal, so I became a Brain Gym® Consultant and Proficient in Touch for Health®.  

By chance I heard about the book called The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself.  I got my hands on the book and read it quickly, for me. I could feel the frequencies just from reading the book, though not as strong as I do now.  

Now, I go to Arizona every year, usually more than once.  I enjoy talking with the Apache spirits as soon as I get onto  Apache Reservation land.  After reading the book, they almost didn't recognize me because something in me had changed.  I didn't even know then that my very DNA was repairing itself.  

While driving through the reservation, to show the spirits what I had learned, I simply started playing with the frequencies by pointing my palms out the car window and kind of waving them around.

I started feeling this joy and sadness combined and received a vision. I saw myself high up in the sky, palms towards the earth and rainbows coming out of my palms and down onto the earth.  Then I heard an Apache spirit speak to me and say, "Now our earth stands a chance."  I took that to mean I better learn as much as I can and get to work.

As soon as I got back home, I went online and found when the next Reconnective Healing® seminar would be held in the western United States.  I signed up, received my own Reconnective Healing® and Reconnection®, successfully completed both programs so I could help others, and amazing things have happened to me since then.  

One of those amazing things was finding out about Biofeedback, or Quantum Biofeedback.  While on vacation to North Idaho, I received a biofeedback session and it was so amazing that I wanted to be part of the Biofeedback practitioner family.  So I put it out to the God/Universe that I would be able to purchase a SCIO machine for a price I could afford (new machines cost more than $20,000).  And... God/Universe provided.  I've been learning as fast as I can about the thousands of features and things  the SCIO can do to send specific frequencies that help people feel better. I made sure to complete the specialist program so I could help others.

I've been happily healing people ever since.  Going to the 'God' space, opening the door so you and the universe can converse, and sending love and light to you is what I do best.  Though I still use  things from Brain Gym® and Touch for Health® every day, I enjoy energy healing the most with Quantum Biofeedback and Reconnective Healing® being my favorites (Yes, this healer has favorites.).  Injury/trauma clearing has also made a huge difference for my clients.  

Making essential oil blends specifically for my clients' 'issues' has been a powerful tool as well. I found I had a 'knack' for knowing which oils and how much of each oil a specific person needed in a blend to give them relief.  Using the best essential oils, and some of my healing 'magic', I tailor make blends specific to each client's needs.

Due to popular demand, I also started making BALMS using the best ingredients I can find and my own healing 'magic'.  So much awesomeness has come out of my office, that some clients started calling it the "Magic Room".  I love that name. :-)

Many clients wanted advise and help on dealing with every day life challenges, so I now offer spiritual/life coaching if asked.  

I'm proud to be a natural energy sensitive/psychic/healer, full of love and magic... and I still talk with plants, animals, wounds, etc... so it's still a magical time that I live in.

I love helping others heal themselves. I love knowing that I did something to help someone in need. I am doing my share to facilitate the transformation of the planet by helping to bring people back into their natural/optimal state of balance, wholeness, and vitality.

Credentials in a nutshell:

Natural Energy Healer since birth

Certified Biofeedback Specialist (CBS)

Reconnective Healing® Foundational Practitioner

The Reconnection® Certified Practitioner

Soul Body Fusion® Practitioner

Brain Gym® Consultant

Touch for Health® Proficiency

Credentials of Ministry

Certificated Educator since 1997